What is a Delay Pleasure?
It all starts with small but inviting touches. Lips are the first to follow the signals given by the fingertips. There is no order, right or wrong for what will happen after they reunite. Two bodies touch each other in any way they can.

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It’s not just two different skins touching each other. When both minds touch each other in the intoxication of a deep pleasure, the summit that is climbed step by step rises higher and higher. The pleasure of wriggling between your groins gives you the decision of how high to lift yourself or your partner and where to let go. But in any case, one thing is certain: the higher the summit, the more beautiful and satisfying the view will be.

How about playing with time?
A step-by-step journey to the pinnacle of pleasure, increasing pleasure and rising adrenaline with each step… If asked what is the most enjoyable aspect of sexuality, the answer most people would give would revolve around these three situations. In this respect, sex makes all kinds of games and wicked tricks possible. Thus, it also opens the doors of a pleasant pastime. It takes time to benefit from the versatility of sex, and it’s good timing to turn all the cards right in the bedroom… One can make practise with the escort service In other words, timing is everything for a pleasant sex life.

Reaching the peak that both parties want to reach is one of the end results of successful sex and gives both parties a lot of happiness. Therefore, it is important to use time well. Ejaculation is not always easy, especially for women. In such cases, in order to reach a dizzying and breathtaking ending, the man has to delay his orgasm until his partner orgasm. For this reason, it may be necessary to play with it a little in order to both prolong the time and use it to the fullest.

Timeless pleasure with the retarding condom…
For a long-term pleasure marathon, using a retarded condom will be one of the best choices. Delayed condoms allow you to give your partner the time he needs, and often more than he needs. This is exactly why it is known as one of the favorite condom types of both parties. Condoms with retarding effect, which will be your biggest trump card in seductive tricks such as prolonging the pleasure experienced during sex or using it correctly, are also very effective in ending the problem of premature ejaculation.

Don’t let it end until you say it’s over!
Women are in a structure that can reach multiple orgasms in terms of their physiology . So a woman’s orgasm doesn’t have to be the finish line for sex. Another difference between a female orgasm and a male orgasm is that it can last quite a long time and therefore can be experienced in a wide variety of ways.

You may want to turn to products such as gels, sprays or creams with a delay in order to experience or have different orgasms that come one after another and compete with each other, and to enjoy your togetherness, in other words, to not end the pleasure before you say it’s over. Also, how to prolong the duration of sexual intercourse? You can also evaluate the suggestions given to the question.

It’s good to be late…
We said timing is important in sex. OKEY comes to your aid at the point of how to take the ropes of time in your hands.

According to independent studies, condoms containing retardants can delay ejaculation by up to 4 minutes in men compared to ordinary condoms. Thanks to the special retarding gel it contains, Rotar Plus , which has made it its task to increase the pleasure of couples by increasing the duration of intercourse by 4 minutes , can help you turn the time in your favor. For those who want to enjoy a timeless sex experience by prolonging the pleasure and excitement, OKEY Rötar with its giant package will be the right choice.